Is a home network ever really finished?

Over the years, I’ve loved having equipment at home that I can experiment with. This is particularly true for enterprise networking and compute. However unlike many enthusiasts out there, I try to re-use and repurpose everything that I already have rather than buying a lot of new equipment.

This page will (hopefully) be an up-to-date listing of my Home Lab and what it entails.
I’ll then hopefully do some related blog posts when I make changes and updates.

Currently, the networking consists of Meraki as I was gifted a bunch of equipment and was able to get some relatively cheap licenses. The ESXi server and VM’s are primarily used for testing rather than actual network functions at the moment.

Raspberry Pi Model B+
– Services: PiHole w/ Unbound, PiVPN (wireguard), LetsEncrypt SSL automation

– Services: Network Gateway, Network Switch, 2x Wireless AP’s (Meshed)

ESXi Server – repurposed from an old gaming PC
– Asus P6T w/ Intel Xeon processor and 12GB RAM. Running ESXi 6.7

QNAP NAS w/ Off-site backup and AWS replication

– Windows Server 2016 (RADIUS, CA testing)
– Graylog
– Cockpit

Future Plans for this include setting up an SD-WAN connection to the other site where my secondary NAS is located to more easily perform replication tasks without opening ports directly to the internet (I’ve already had to disinfect from QSnatch once).

1st Blog Post